Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Checking In

It's been a heck of a couple of weeks!  Mainly because it's been crazy busy at work and I have not really had time to post anything.  Last week, the kids did not have school because of the snow/ice/sleet storm that we had.  It was fun at first and then it was not so fun anymore.  I couldn't get to work for 3 days, so I was working from home, which was a little more stressful than being able to go into the office.  It would have been fine had I not been so swamped with "tax season."

Anyway, the snow is now gone, but we are expected to get another dose tomight and tomorrow.  School is not yet cancelled but I would not be surprised if it is tomorrow morning.  At least this time, the newspeople are saying that it will only last a day, which is more like TX weather.

Tonight, Matthew had a soccer game.  He was not interested in participating at all.  He played goalie and did very well for the first half, but the rest of the game was not so good.  He's just not interested in soccer.

While he ws playing he lost his 2nd tooth! I saw him hand something to his coach but didnt know what it was until after the game whenhe gave me the tooth.  I'm sure Coach Joaquin was very excited about holding on to the tooth for me!

I'm so excited that my parents are coming to visit over Spring Break!  I just hope work slows down a bit so I can take some time off to enjoy their visit.  March will be nice for them.  They've always visited when it's freezing cold or stifling hot so this will be a nice break for them.  I'm planning on having Michael's birthday party while they are here.  I've only got a month to plan so I better get going!

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