Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Trails!

Michael has a biography report today and I’m probably more nervous for him then he is. He chose to write his report about Roy Rogers, which is great because know I can get a costume together pretty easily. In addition to the written report, Michael also has to do an oral report and he has been working so hard to be ready for today. He’s been practicing with Sarah everyday and we practiced again this morning. We made sure that he does not mumble and have eye contact with his audience. I hope he remembers because I want him to do well. He’s been practicing so hard. Unfortunately, I will miss his presentation because it’s right in the middle a workday, but M will be able to go. Yay! It will be a special treat for Michael because M has not been able to participate much because of his travel schedule.

The costume turned out to be pretty nice if I do say so myself. My plan was to dress him in a shirt and some jeans with a bandana and a straw cowboy hat. Then I started to pull up images of Roy Rogers and decided that it would not be difficult to embellish his plain white shirt with some fringes and glitter. Well, that was before being stuck in traffic after work for 3 hours yesterday! Thank goodness my brother was here to help, sort of. At least he tried. We went to Michael’s to find some fringe, but no luck. I decided to make the fringes out of felt sheets. I cut up the felt into strips and attached the it to the shirt using hot glue gun. Love the hot glue gun. It has rescued me from poor planning several times. I added little curls using glitter glue to give it a little pizzazza

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