Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School is Now Open for Business

The schools were opened up for business again yesterday and I can’t escape from teary narratives of moms crying as their little ones bound into the great wide halls of learning institutions. On the radio, moms (and sometimes dads too) are in tears talking about junior’s & juniorette’s first day of school and how they will miss their little ones. At work, I hear stories of moms crying in the car silently as their kids hopped out without so much as a good-bye kiss.

I frown and nod in the right places because after all, I do have a 1st grader. I do understand and I am a little sad about him going off to school and being a big boy. After all, he did tell me this summer that it’s embarrassing that I kiss him in front of his friends, which frankly broke my heart a little. With that being said, I cannot muster up a tear for the beginning of this school year. Maybe because I’ve been dropping him off at Summer Camp every morning already and seeing him off at school is really not different in our daily routine. I don’t know.

What I do know is that we had an excellent 1st day of school. Last minute, we decided to walk to school yesterday morning with our neighbors. It was a beautiful morning and you can feel the excitement and anticipation just pouring out of all the children (and there were lots of them). I think Michael enjoyed being a part of that crowd and I was very happy that I can at least give him that. Even though he will be at Pink Elementary for another month, I want that 1 month to be as "normal" as I can make it.

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