Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Funny Man

I was looking through the calendar this morning and it hit me that we only have 4 mores months before the year ends. Yes, I know y’all can read the calendar, but really folks, less than 4 months of Christmas shopping left. Just thought I’d point that out.

We’ve got exciting news yesterday but all the details are still fuzzy so I can’t say much until things clear up a bit. It’s something that M and I have been planning for but did not think would come until much later. No, we're not pregnant.

I flew in from beautiful Albuquerque last night and got home in time to tuck my little ones in. Matthew was especially talkative that night. Michael had a couple of jokes he wanted to try on me. He asked me to spell ICUP. I did and he and lil' brobot rolled around on their bed laughing their heads off. “Get it? I-C-U-P” More LOL from both.

And my heart is full.

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