Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings...

Today is turning out to be a bit of a worrisome day. M had to go to a retina specialist this morning because when he went to get his Lasik consultation, they spotted something in his eyeball (for lack of a better word). It turned out to be a condition called CSR. Basically, the blood vessel in his retina is leaking. According to Wikipedia (because that’s where I get all my medical knowledge from), this condition is self-limiting, meaning that it usually heals on its own or progressively gets worse, but there’s no known effective treatment for it so you just have to manage your life to it. I’m hoping the next visit to see the specialist will bring better news. He’s going to see the retina specialist again in a month to see how the CSR is progressing. After that, we will see what treatment options (if any) we will pursue. It’s a wait and see period, which is the worst.

On another note, the 3 Ms will be in beautiful CA by this time tomorrow. They are very excited to see Poh-poh, Gong-gong, Yi-yi, and Kaw-foo. I will be home by myself enjoying the quietness of it all, but missing them terribly. This will be the longest that I’ve been apart from my boys, and I have to admit that I am doubting my decision for them to be away for so long. I just hope that they are too busy having lots of fun to be homesick.

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