Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy 4th to My Angel Boy!

So this post is a little late, but I just couldn’t decide what to write for the special birthday post. What can I say, I don’t work all that well under pressure. I’ve composed several posts, but did not like any of them and so here we are. It’s been a week and 1 day since my Matty turned 4 and 10 days since his birthday party.

I’m not really inspired to tout all of his accomplishments is the 4 years that he’s lived, but I will say there are many. Like most parents, I think my child is the cutest, smartest and best little boy ever with the exception of his brother who is equally cute, smart and the best big boy ever. To expand upon this seems to me a little trite, so I will not bore you.

To my Matthew, I apologize for not being a better writer and wax poetic about your 4th birthday, but you’ll have many more to come so I’m sure you’ll understand. Just know that I love you more than you can ever imagine and that you have made my life better.

Because your mama likes to make lists, here are a few lists that I came up for you to remind you how much grief you put me through at only the tender age of 4.

Your Personality at 4:
Controlling – will do things on your own term.
Orderly (anal retentive is actually more like it)

Your likes (not a complete list):
Cars, trucks, car and cars
Backyardigans (Backgan is what you call them not matter how many times I’ve tried to teach you how to say it correctly. This is where the stubbornness comes in)
Playing with your brother
Pretending to play Smash Brothers with you big Bro. You will literally sit there for an hour and hold on to the Wii controller without actually playing.
Your mama (when I do what you say)
Your daddy
Your Big Bro
Cheese pizza
Watermelon & Strawberries
Green racecar you got from Connor
Having your pictures taken (You are always ready to say “cheese.”)
Daddy’s racecar

Your dislikes:
Brushing your teeth
Going to bed
Going potty in the toilet (unless we bribe you)
Putting on tennis shoes
Getting yelled at
being told you’re wrong

I'll leave y'all with some pictures from the birthday party in case you were underwhelmed by my little tribute.

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