Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

The kids had a three-day weekend because we never used our weather day last Winter. We started off the weekend with a playdate at Klyde Warren Park with some friends.

It was the perfect day for the park.

It was a little cold for the splash park, but these 2 monkeys didn't care.

These guys haven't seen each other for months so they were so happy to be together again.

And I got to catch up with the Mamas.

On Saturday, Mark had a T-ball game. It took a little talking to from Daddy to get him out on the field. He did not want to play. We will not be doing T-ball again next season...

We Celebrated Easter Sunday with a movie. Mark has been asking to go see Boss Baby so that's what we did. Michael was there too, but didn't want any pictures taken, even from the back.

These boys can't get enough of each other sometimes and at other times, they can't seem to get along.

I hadn't planned on doing an Easter egg hunt this year, but Mark brought up how excited he was to hunt for eggs so I dragged myself up Sunday morning for a Walmart run, filled the eggs, hid them and let these guys loose in our backyard. The older two amused me and participated. I may have bribed them too.

I love these boys more than anything in the whole wide world!

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