Sunday, April 23, 2017

Around Here Lately...

Just a quick post to catch up! I wore my Bond girl shirt to go vote for a bond that came up for election for our schools. My friend who's on the school board gave this to me and told me to wear it everyday until the voting closes. Couldn't promise her that, but I did wear it to vote!

My littlest guy is officially registered for Kindergarten! We went to his Kindergarten Preview and he walked through the front door all by his own. Insert sad face.

My college friend who will be moving here in the summer flew in to have her little guy attend their Kindergarten Preview too so we met up after for dinner at CM.

This guy was tuckered out and we cuddled a lot that night. So thankful this one still wants to be loved on.

This one thinks he's too cool to cuddle and hates taking pictures so I've resorted to sneaking pictures of him.

Mark had a birthday party to go to last weekend so we went to pick out a gift for his friend. He also picked out a gift for himself. Little stinker!

Birthday party with some T-ball friends!

One of my cousins came to visit us with her family for a couple of days. These two sillies decided to have their own swim party. FYI-it was freezing...

Then we went to the zoo.

Mark wanted to watch Wreck It Ralph so I put it on for him. These two got sucked in too. Love how they still stop to watch "baby" movies...

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