Monday, January 04, 2016

Christmas in California

We spent our Christmas in California with my family this year.  We stayed 2 weeks because I was also hosting my sister's baby shower right after the new year.  Here's our Christmas trip to California!

This guy was comfy on the plane.

This one slept most of the way there.

These boys love playing Monopoly.

I friend of ours invited us to to a private showing of the new Star Wars movies.  It was pretty awesome.

The boys played a little game while we waited for the other guests to arrive.

They had breakfast for us.

We also got a little snack pack to much on during the movies.

and of course, we had breakfast several times at the donut shop. Mark loves his apple fritter.  He calls it the apple donut.

We also went out to dinner. On this night we had sushi at Ninja Sushi, my parents' favorite.

This guy slept through most of dinner and then munched on edamame after he woke up.

We also went out for fro-yo.

Benjamin and his cute little hat.

We visited my brother a lot.  He lives 2 minutes from my mom.

Playing stamps with Ben-Ben.

on this Christmas morning, these boys were ready to open some presents!

Ban came over and joined in on the fun.

We got my dad an iMac.  I think he likes it!

We had dinner at Maggiano's on this night.  It was a little crazy because it was super busy, but we enjoyed our dinner.

The boys were going a little crazy at the house so we went to Pump It Up to get some energy out.

Then my brother and I took all 4 boys to the Discovery Museum the next day. Mark and Ben had the best time. The boys liked it too, but I think it was geared more towards younger kiddos.

They are learning about bubbles here.

These two were making energy by turning the crank.

Mark loved being in the driver's seat of an ambulance.

Then it was off to the waterworks exhibit - his favorite.
 He was also a grocer.

Picking out some fresh veggies...

Then he became a firefighter.

Off to fight a fire!

At Michael's request, we went to the Sonoma Chicken Co-op for lunch.  This was the best picture I can get.

I was trying to get a good picture in the car. I was not very successful.

We had fun visiting in California, but it is nice to be back home!

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