Saturday, July 18, 2015

Our Road Trip to Branson '15

After we got back from our trip to California, we packed right up and drove up to Branson two days later.  Yay, another family trip.  We have never been to Branson before and I did not know what to expect. I wanted to boys to experience a roundtrip so we decided to book this little resort up in Branson.  We were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it was up there near the Ozarks!

There were tons of stuff for the kiddos to do and they had a blast!  So glad we did this trip, but as much as I love going on vacations, it's so nice to be home after a month away!

We got up early and were on the road by 7am so Mark was still in his jammies.

And after almost 7 hours on the road, a stop for lunch in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we arrived in Missouri.

First up on this vacation was zip lining!  Michael's so excited to do this.  And so was Mark.  Matthew was not.  He decided that he didn't want to do it after the practice run with me.  Mark went ahead with M as a tandem and Michael went on his own. He thought it was awesome.  I stayed with Matthew and we went to lunch while they went other adventure.

Michael got brave at the end and went upside-down.  Crazy kid!

Relaxing in our "lodge" at the Welk Resort.  This little resort was much nicer than I expected.  Our suite was beautifully decorated, clean, and had everything we needed including a washer and dryer.  Nothing like coming home from a vacation with clean clothes!

This was the view from our private patio.  So pretty.

We went to Silver Dollar City, which is now one of my favorite amusement parks. It was big enough to entertain the bigger boys and had tons of rides for Mark. It wasn't super crowded and we didn't have to wait hours to get on rides.  The longest line we were in was for the rapids ride.

I also loved how the park was set up.  They had smaller rides interspersed though out the park-not in one kiddie area like most parks. M could take Michael to the bigger rides and I can take Mark on the small rides without having to be far away from each other.

A selfie while waiting for M and Michael to be done with "one of the best" roller coaster ride.

This is what a tired boy looks like.

Nothing says vacation like sitting onto patio, eating an apple in our undies....

One of his favorite things to do at the Splash-a-torium at the resort was to stand under that bucket and get soaked.

Matthew and Michael love to read these fat books like the World Guinness books and the Believe It to Not books so when they saw the Ripley's Believe or Not Museum, they were all over it.

This is his angry face....

There were also about 10 mini-golf courses in Branson. So of course we had to play.  They took us to our course in a little train.

This little one loved it the best and had a mini tantrum when we finished the last hole.  He didn't understand why his ball disappeared into the hole.

He found some rocks to entertain himself with while we waited for M and his brothers to finish up.  He was building his solar system. I say "his" solar system because he added his own planet called Pluto Cat.

What do you do when it's hot and muggy?  You go to the waterpark! We spent our Wednesday at the White Water waterpark.  The two older ones went off on their own to the big boys' slides and we hung with Mark at the 2 super fun splash pads.  We took him on a family slide and he LOVED it!

Then we got back and the boys wanted to play some more at the resort. These boys are taking ping pong to a whole new level.  Beach ball makes for a more interesting game.

Ping-pong paddles can also double as a sliding device...

On our very last day, M took Michael to go on a helicopter ride.  I stayed at the resort with the other 2 boys to pack and clean up for our drive home. They flew over to Table Rock dam and lake. I'm so happy to be able to give Michael this experience.  He is definitely more of a thrill seeker like his dad while Matthew is more of a better safe than sorry person like his mamma.

Bird's eye view of Silver Dollar City.

And bird's eye view of White Water.

After the two got back from their helicopter ride, we packed up the car and got on the road.  I got bored so I started snapping selfies.

I have a very serious driver with me.  We are in good hands.

The drive through Arkansas was very pretty.  I was surprised by how hilly and green everything was.

Someone was tired.

And after about 6 hours of driving, we were back in Texas! The kids were great on the road and I think it's a road trip worth repeating.  Thanks Branson for a great time.

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