Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hot Soccer Weekend

It is nice to be home for an extended period of time especially after a month away.  We hit the ground running when we got back.  Michael had four soccer games to play in 3 days so it was pretty hectic.

These two fell asleep on the way to the first game Friday evening.  And to every game thereafter.  I love how Matthew had on the soccer shirt.  He doesn't even like soccer and would prefer to stay home and play his video games with his friends.

Mark found some friends to play with at the game.  Anderson is one of Michael's teammates brother.

Then the big boys played with them.  These boys were so good with the little ones!

On Saturday morning, we got some donuts for breakfast. Not as good as my parents' but their the closest we can get around here.

This is how they watched the game on Saturday evening.  Mark loves a cold towel on his head.

Couldn't get any good pictures with iPhone.  Michael is in white on the left.

He had two games on Sunday and it was so dang hot that I didn't even think to take any pictures.  They won the first two games and lost the last two games.

On Monday, I went to Nordstrom to return a few things and came home with these new shoes.  They are so light and comfy.

Matthew received his second Tinker Crate and he loved working on it.  It had a battery, electrical wires, copper tape and little lights.  When he put it all together the little lights lit up so it was pretty cool. I got him a 3 month subscription but he wants more so I might extend it for him.

This week is not going to be as hectic, but we to get started on our back to school preparations.  My goals this week are to get Michael his book for his summer assignment, get his sports physical done and make an appointment for Mark's shots!

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