Friday, July 10, 2015

Cancun 2015

Yikes! It's been such a busy summer.  The boys and I just got back from California last night and we are heading out on another vacation tomorrow morning! We will be hitting the road to Branson, MO.

Since I'm home for a day, I wanted to catch up a little bit by posting about our Cancun trip-which was totally amazing! We took Michael and Matthew there about 7 years ago and haven't been back.  What were we thinking?  The beach was awesome, the water was warm beautiful and the food was delicious.

We left June 19 and stayed for eight fabulous days.  We had planned on staying at the Sunset Royal for the first part of our trip but when we got there, it was not what we had expected.  The hotel was old and a little dingy and the air conditioner was not working.  So....we left and stayed at the JW Marriott for the whole trip.  I was just thankful we were able to book a suite there.

We are all smiles en route to summer fun.

This was the pool at the first resort we were suppose to stay at.  We decided not to stay here and left an hour later.

Mark was like this the whole time we were there. Ha, ha...

They couldn't wait to get to the beach so that was the first thing we did after we unpacked.

The next morning, this happened when we were waiting for our car to go to breakfast.  They were obsessed with getting a coconut and every time we were out front for the car, this tree was calling to them to climb.

Love my boys! And their dad too.

We drove into town to this great breakfast/bakery place.  It was so good.  I ordered some eggs with this dried spinach-like veggie and it was so yummy.

We made a quick Walmart stop for a few essentials (boogie boards) and hit the beach and the pool again!

That night we had dinner at one of the restaurants in our resort.

Day three with a poolside frozen concoction.

And some more beach time.

Dinner tonight was at a place called the Distilleria.  Here they are waiting for our car again.  Then they scrambled off to climb that coconut tree.

These two wanted to join this guy in the bath.

On day four, we decided to go to lunch at this taco place.  It was not great, and Michael claimed that he got sick from the shrimp.

Then it was back to the pool.  Mark discovered the coconut smoothie.

They finally got their first coconut!  Daddy happened to be walking back to our room and a coconut literally fell in front of him so he took back for his babies.  They were so happy and spent the whole day trying to get it opened.

They eventually did.

 Then dinner back at the resort.

We usually picked up breakfast at this little bakery/pizza/general store in the resort.  They were being silly waiting for Daddy to bring them their muffins on day six.

These two monkeys finally succeeded in climbing a tree to get a couple more coconuts before they were told by one of the resort staff to stop.

The view from our beachfront suite.  This suite was huge, much more room than we needed but you won't hear me complain ;-)

We had dinner at Casa Rolandi based on a recommendation from one of the other guest at the resort. It was fantastic like most of the restaurants we went to. We had a great view of the lagoon.

We came home and this guy wanted to make use of the robe and slippers the resort provided.

These three are so dang cute.  Here they are waiting for our car before our dinner at Harry's.

Daddy loves him some Matthew.

And sometimes his Katherine too. Notice the little interlopers in the back?

After our desserts, the waiter came and dropped off this.  The kids were in heaven!

More beach and pool time!

Mark made a friend the second day we got there and they hung out the whole trip.  Kayden and his family left a day before us and we were sad to see them go.

On our last beach day, we went and got an up-close look at the sand pyramid that we saw from our room.  It was pretty cool.

On our last night, we went to watch the US Women's team beat China's soccer team.  There happened to be another soccer game on at the same time so we had fun watching and cheering in a packed house.  What a great way to end our vacation!

Can you believe this view? This was a Mcdonald's we stopped at on our way to the airport.

What a fun trip.  We will see you again, Cancun!

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