Thursday, September 27, 2012

This and That

It seems all that I've been doing is posting summaries.  I hope to do better.  I'm so glad the weather is getting cooler. By cooler, I mean in the low 90s instead of the 100s.

So here's the week in a nutshell:

Job Hunting
I did not get the marketing job.  I'm thinking it might be a good thing because the office location was less than ideal.  I wasn't feeling completely safe in that area.

I have another interview scheduled for next Tuesday with one of my former vendors I used to work with.  It's a business development position so I don't have high hopes.  Sales is not my thing.

Weekend Recap
We had a wonderful weekend without the kids in California.  We flew into LAX and checked into the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey and then had a lovely dinner with the bride and groom along with their out-of-town visitors at an Italian restaurant. After dinner, we all went to a nearby bar for a few drinks and then back to Adrian and Crystal's apartment to hang out. Everyone was drunk by this point. And were indulging in herbal inhalation. I felt a little too old for this type of gathering, but these were nice, fun people so I didn't mind it much.

View at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey
On Saturday, we went to Peet's Coffee and then checked out to drive to Pasadena.  We checked into the Westin, grabbed some lunch at M's old stomping ground (Lucky Boy Burger), and got dessert at an old-fashioned pharmacy and soda fountain.  And then, OMG, we went to the Norton Simon Museum! We had a wonderful time and the museum was so much more than we expected.  They had a whole gallery devoted to Degas' works and even a Botticelli and a Raphael! They also had a bunch of Rodin's bronze sculptures in the front lawn.  No "Thinker" but it was impressive nonetheless.

Norton Simon Museum
After an amazing afternoon, we went back to our room and changed for the post-wedding party.  Crystal and friends did an amazing job transforming Adrian's childhood front yard into a beautiful reception area. We had a fun time and it was nice seeing M's friends from way back when.  It's been a long time since we last saw them.  All in all it was a nice weekend getaway with my Hubby.  I enjoyed it and now that we know the kids are OK staying with the G-parents for the weekend, I'll try to plan more of these.  Haha.

Fall Decorating and Etc.
I started decorating the house for Fall last week and I'm satisfied with it.  I picked up a few new pieces this year, but I did not go crazy.

M and I have been mulching for the past 3 days.  I can't say that it's been fun, but I'm proud that we decided to this ourselves.  We didn't even get into an argument once! Now our beds look so nice and clean without the weeds sticking out in between my rosebushes.

I also replaced our pots of dead plants with live ones! Ha! We now have colorful pots of mums, Gerbera daisies, and snapdragons.  I also hung our Fall wreath and pulled out our scarecrow man from the garage.  To complete the decor, I bought some pumpkins and placed them by the front door.  Viola! Fall has hit our house. Now if only the weather would cooperate.  I can't wait to be able to wear sweaters.

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