Friday, May 11, 2012

TGI Friday!

TGIF, everyone! I am so happy for the weekend. This week has gone by pretty quickly because work has just been crazy. Towards the end of our fiscal year, it usually gets quiet but that has not been the case. Oh well. It makes the days go by faster.

This week was Teachers’ Appreciation week and I am NOT sad to report that I did not volunteer to do anything. I love my children’s teachers. They are terrific, and I appreciate them A LOT. They spend more time with my children then most people do and I’m sure they put up with lots of nonsense.

I just did not have the energy and I told myself that I would not over-commit. And nothing happened. The world did not come to an end because I didn’t send flowers and cards to them. I was worried that my kids would be the only kids who didn’t bring anything and they would feel left out. They didn’t care one bit. I think donating money at the beginning of the year for gift cards and such made up for it. I’m sure teachers appreciate gift cards more than flowers. I know I would.

We've discovered that Mark loves playing with plastic measuring cups. In fact he prefers that to his fancy little toys that are suppose to engage him in learning about the world.

Yesterday, I asked Matthew to keep an eye on him so I can start cooking dinner. He came up to me and said, “Mom, where’s the flour cup?” I had no idea what he was talking about. “You know, the flour cup?” I thought he said “Flower cup.” I finally realized he meant the measuring cup. He needed it for Marky to calm him down.

He cracks me up. He’ll go around saying things that adults would say. I’ve heard him say “Mark, I’m very disappointed at you.” For what, I don’t know.

Most recently, he’s been telling Michael, “It’s my DS, my rules.” Or “I’m the boss of my DS.” His biggest tattletale line is “Mom, Michael is threat-ta-ning meee…”

Waiting for Bo-Bos at the bus stop with the trusty "Flour Cup"

My little funny-man with his friend Will

I headed over to Nordstrom Rack to return a dress yesterday and found these cute flats. They are half a size too small, but I got them anyway because I think I can make it work.  Aren't they so darn cute?!

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