Thursday, July 07, 2011

22 Weeks

It sounds like the boys are having fun in CA. They are going to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk today with me sister and Dad. I’ve missed them a ton, but at the same time, it’s been nice to have a little break. No worries about what to feed them which is always a huge source of stress for me. It’s also been nice to stop by my favorite stores after work knowing that I don’t have to hurry home and make dinner.

I got to see Mark again at my monthly Dr.’s appointment. Everything looks great. His heartbeat is 143 bpm and very strong. Everything is developing and working as it should. He’s got fluid in this stomach meaning that his kidneys are working and he’s swallowing like he should be.

I forgot to ask the size again because I was so mesmerized by seeing my little nugget. At one point during the ultrasound, we say him stick his little thumb in his mouth. So cute! It was also cool to see him move on the screen and feel that movement in my tummy.

We have not done much to the nursery since we bought the bedding. We’ve just been storing the baby stuff we’ve collected in there right now. I’m waiting for the glider and ottoman set that M’s dad and Jennie gifted us with to be delivered to set up the room. That’s our last major piece.

We have four month left to prepare. I’m officially at week 22, but it doesn’t feel like I’ve been pregnant for 5 months. This morning, I finally decided to take a belly shot. Not a great picture because I took it myself, but I want to make sure I have some pictures to show Mark of when he was in mommy’s tummy. Hopefully, M will agree to take some for me as we get closer.

22 Weeks

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