Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today is the last day at Pink for Michael and the last Day at Creme de la Creme for Matthew. They don't not seem to mind, but I’m not sure they get it quite yet. Maybe they do and they really don't care. I think maybe I’m taking the move much harder than the kids are. I just can’t believe that we are 3 days away from heading out west. I’m not quite sure how a feel about it still.

This week has gone by so quickly because we've been so busy with Michael traveling and me having to tie up the loose ends at work. I blinked and here we are: Friday. I did take some time off and had lunch with my Michael on Wednesday at school. It is always amazing to see how independent he’s become.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the scoop about him from his buddies because it was a “silent lunch” day. Apparently, they were being too rowdy for the past couple of days and the teachers felt that they needed to be accountable for their behavior. They were allowed to whisper if they had a visitor, but for the entire lunch period, the children were expected to eat their lunch in silence. Well, as silent as 130 1st graders can be.

My Little man & his Mickey D's. Braden is in the background. He and Michael were on the same T-ball team together a couple of years ago and were reunited in Ms. Spain's 1st grade class. He can talk your ears off.

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