Friday, March 24, 2017

What's Happening

Another random catch-up post today.  It's been a busy week so far. A friend of mine and her family is planning on moving here from Florida so they came down to visit and look for homes. It was a successful trip for them because they've found a house they are making offer on. I'm so excited that they will be moving into our town. If it all works out, our boys will be going to Kindergarten together!

These guys refused to pose for a "normal" picture.

Acceptance came letter came in for a couple of organizations for me and Michael. We've officially joined YMSL and SASO which are mother/son organizations that go out and perform community service together. I'm excited because Michael and I will get to spend some time together and Michael doesn't mind it because he knows a bunch of boys who are doing the same things.

Michael has been certified as a referee so he can now gets paid to referee soccer games. We went to the bank and opened up a checking account for him. He wasn't excited about it but I think it's a pretty big step for him.

Matthew is working hard on improving there skit for Odyssey of the Mind. In two weeks, we will be on a short road trip to Houston to see him compete in the State Finals.

A couple of weeks ago, Mark and I went to visit Tulip Texas, which is a you-pick tulip farm, with a friend. It was a great little trip. We drove through the countryside and saw some beautiful ranches up North. Coincidentally, this farm was featured in Southern Living Magazine as one of the 2 best tulip farm in the South. It was really pretty up there.

These two were meant to be friends. Big personalities all around!

These tulips we picked out were so unique. I loved them. Mark's favorite was the Orange Flame and he was adamant that we take one home.

Last Saturday, Mark finally scored his first goal of the season. He played so well. Even though his team lost, I was so proud of him for playing hard.

Our former nanny came to visit with her little guy. these two played so well together. Mark still calls him Baby Owen.

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