Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Brain Dump

I’ve never really done a brain dump or maybe I brain dump all the time but never really associated to the term brain dump.  In any case I’m getting back to posting again. I feel like I’ve missed so many details and feel really bad about not being as diligent as I should be.  Here’s what I’m thinking now (I bet y’all can’t wait!)

On the Weather
The weather – hello, crazy TX weather.  This month we’ve had below freezing temperatures one week and near 80-degree weather the next.  I’m loving the mild temps and I’m so over the cold.  Actually, what I’m really over are the morning struggles with Matthew to dress appropriately for the cold weather – no, shorts and crocs or not OK for below freezing temps. This of course, always leads to some degree of meltdown. Super big sigh…

On Work
Work is going OK except for the crazy commute.  I seriously did not think this whole thing through.  It takes me at least 40 minutes every morning to get to work and at least 50 minutes each night to get home. And I miss my little munchkin at home.  I’m starting to think this might not be worth it.  I have a business development position and am expected to bring in a certain amount of revenue-hard to do when customers are leaving left and right due to issues not related to me. I think I might be over work soon.

On Matthew
Matthew is doing great in Quest and loves it.  His love for Minecraft borders on obsessive. When he’s not playing, he’s watching people play on UTube. He hot invited to a birthday party this Sunday and when I asked him if he knew the person who invited him he said “no.” The thing is, I’m pretty sure that he does because there are a lot of his friends going to the same party.  I RSVPed “yes” because I’m sure he’ll recognize the birthday boy when he sees him.  I think they were on the same lacrosse team.

Matthew also had a little accident on the long board and has sworn to never get on one again.  He fell off and scraped up his face pretty badly.  Poor guy. After that incident, Sarah asked one day he was going outside to ride the long board and his response was, “What do you think?” and walked away. My little special boy….

This was right after his long board accident.  Poor baby.

On Michael
Michael had so much soccer this last week! Between tournaments, practices and games, it’s been exhausting.  He had a great tournament win last weekend and even for me, it got pretty intense.  His team won 2 games on Saturday, lost the first game on Sunday. But because they had a shut-out on one of their Saturday games, they made it into the semi-finals.  WHICH WAS IN MCKINNEY! They won the semi-finals and had to play against the only team they LOST to on Sunday. It was such a very close game.  I couldn’t even sit down during the game because I was so nervous for them. In the end our Solar boys pulled out a nice 2-0 win!

And he’s been doing so well in school.  Last Wednesday, all his schoolwork came home with 100% on them, except for one that had 93%.  He knew that that was almost a Chinese “F.”  I am so proud of him!

On our way to the first game of the Tourney...

Semi-finals team intro

Game at Stampede. I think the score was 10-2. Go Solar!

On Mark
Mark has been so happy lately.  I think he’s getting the hang of being home with Sarah.  She has been taking him out for different activities and he seems to be enjoying them.  They go to 3 different story times at 3 different public libraries each week (if the weather is good) and then she’s been taking him to the park afterwards to play.  There are these 2 twin girls who Sarah refers to as his “girlfriends” because he’s always trying to hug and kiss them at the Southlake story time.  So cute. 

He’s also developed somewhat of a temper. The other night, I was eating some Oreos and I gave him some.  I didn’t want to give him too many bites, so I quickly finished it up and when he saw that it was all gone, he held his hands into 2 tights fists, clenched his teeth and started to scream. It was so hard for me not to laugh.  Then, I told him it was all gone and held the wrapper out for him to see.  He swatted at the wrapper and started crying and screaming. At one point he threw himself onto a pillow and looked so distraught that I busted up laughing.

At the park after story time at the Keller Public Library

At the Dallas Zoo

At the park after Southlake Public Library story time

On Being Thankful
I am thinking right now how blessed we are.  My family is healthy and happy.  Last year was so amazing – we were able to see my family more often than I had planned.  We took an unforgettable 2-week trip to Maui with my mom, dad, sister & her BF - one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. No one got seriously hurt or sick. We got to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my parents. And we have my in-laws right down the street (literally) who are always there for us if we ever needed anything.  Blessed beyond belief is what I feel right now.

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