Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 14 Months

This post was originally written on January 3.

Happy New Year!  And today my little man is 14 months.  He seems so much older.  Quick story before I go any further – Little man was hopped up on Mountain Dew last night and didn’t go to bed until 10:30.  He got hold of some when Adrian threw his drink in the trash.  Little booger snuck over and started chugging it.  Adrian said he had about 20% left of it left, but by the time Mark was finished with it, it was gone. He was one happy little baby, going around smiling with everybody
What a year it has been!  2012 was very good to us and we have been so blessed.  I’ll do a monthly review andvacation/Christmas round-up when I get some time and motivation, but for now, I’m just want to wish my baby a happy 14 months and a welcome in 2013.  


You are getting to be a funny little man.  I love playing with you!  Just this month, you got 4 molars for a total of 8 teeth.  You’ve cut your bottles down to about 2 at night and you don’t even take the whole bottle anymore.  Sometimes you’ll suck on it a few seconds a whine for you nuk-nuk instead.  This is a good sign that’ll you’ll be off the bottle by 18 months.  Dr. Scott will be happy about that!
Your clothes size is anywhere from 9 months to 24 months depending on brand.  You are understanding so much of what we say to you know.  You love to watch the “Opa GanghamStyle.” You love to dance and bounce up and down when you hear music.  You do not eat baby food anymore.  You’ll eat most anything and only meat if it’s warm.  Tangerine is your new favorite food.  You love spaghetti, lasagna, and roasted chicken.  

I don’t really have any stats, but we weighed you in CA and you are about 22 lbs. You cousin Benjamin who is only 6 months old is 18 lbs, so I would say you are on the small side.
You are getting to be a little difficult to handle sometimes because you have your own opinions on what you want now.  It’s getting harder to distract you from doing something I don’t want you to do.  You’ve also started having meltdowns when you don’t get your way.
You still don’t sleep very well at night and wake me up every couple of hours.  I am tired all the time and running on fumes and caffeine most days.

But, oh my goodness, you can turn on the charm! You melt my heart when you small at me.  I rarely get kisses from you when I ask you for them-mostly because you don’t quite understand yet-but when I do get one, I feel like the luckiest mama ever.  I love everything little single thing about you.  Your wide mouth smile, your chubby little cheeks, your little teeth , your baby smell, your soft baby hair.  I love it and will miss every single little thing as you grow up and start to lose it all.

This was taken on Jan. 1, but it was so cute I had to include it!

Actual 14 month picture taken on Jan 3. Love those cheeks!

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