Monday, November 15, 2010

Yes, A Christmas Post

I’m sitting here listening to Christmas music at work and it’s not even the week of Thanksgiving yet. I loathe it and love it at the same time. I love the spirit of Christmas and the Holiday season. I love the sights and sounds of Christmas! Decking the halls? Love it! Stockings hung up with care? Love IT! I love it all and I hate myself for loving it all. For goodness sakes, we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.

It’s like crack. I can’t but be pulled into it. I told M that we probably won’t be putting up a Christmas tree this year because we will be in CA celebrating Christmas with my parents, but I’m probably lying. OK, I am lying. We’ll go out right after Thanksgiving to pick out a tree.

I was walking around the neighborhood with the boys on Sunday and saw some of our neighbors already putting up Christmas lights. I felt like I needed to get right home and start decking my halls and hanging my stockings. Then I remembered that there’s a turkey waiting to participate in our annual Thanksgiving dinner.

But, I CAN start working on our Holiday cards. Last week, I finally got our family picture from the studio (after 8 weeks). I didn’t get digital images with my Groupon package, but I’m hoping that I can scan a 5x7 and have it be good enough for our Holiday cards. I’m pretty happy with the picture. Usually, I just pick the one that I look good in, but everybody looks good this one.

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