Sunday, July 30, 2017

From Hawaii to California

It was so good to see my babies again after our trip to Hawaii. We faced-timed almost everyday and I knew they were in good hands so I was never concerned. In fact, my parents said they were really well-behaved. Michael helped take care of Mark and they all pretty much took care of themselves.

When we got back, they all wanted to go to the local waterpark so that's what we did. We were there for approximately 30 minutes when they started to get bored and ask to go home. I made them stay for a little longer because we had to pay to get in. These kids!

They played nicely for like 15 seconds.

Look at this little guy walking with a purpose.

They each got a treat - a bribe to stay a little bit longer.

He loves his big brother so much.

We also made our yearly trip to Gilroy Gardens. But first we stopped for Pho. Love these two. This little girl is my mom's favorite although she will never say it ;-)

I couldn't believe that he actually asked to be in the picture!

Aannd we are back to not wanting pictures taken.

Three of my guys.

Mark didn't want to go on many rides. In fact this and the train were the only rides he went on.

This girl!

These boys!

Oh, and he did go on this ride with Daddy.

So happy walking with Daddy

We celebrated Ben's birthday early since we were leaving on his actual birthday. I didn't get a picture of his cake, but Nicole did an awesome job decorating it - monster truck rally theme.

Cousins - minus the birthday boy.

Michael loves his baby cousins and alway wants to hold this little guy. A blurry picture, but it's the only one I have where they are both looking.

Another one of him loving on this little guy. Go Giants!

On the last full day of our trip, my brother and I took the boys to the beach. Michael had been asking to go since we got back from Hawaii. It was a pretty cool day, but they didn't care.

These guys were watching and singing songs from Moana for almost the whole trip there. It was so cute!

These two took on the ice-cold water and loved it!

The big boys threw the football around.

One of the best part of the trip was that we saw whales way out in the distance. We saw the whale spouting and then a tail flop! It was so neat.

It was such a fun day. Then my parents took us all out to dinner that night.

Love this picture - the OG grandchildren....

The two white guys in our family.

All the grand-babies.

The next day, it was time to say good-bye to everybody until next time. This little guy slept almost the whole flight home. We were gone for almost 3 weeks so it was nice to be home.

And because I love this face so much, here's a random picture.

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