Saturday, October 01, 2016

Tailgating and Pink Out Football Game

High school football in Southlake is pretty insane. It's definitely Friday Night Lights. We have not been to a game in a couple of years so I decided that the Pink Out game would be a great one to get some friends together and enjoy some Dragon football with some good company. And I've never been tailgating so I organized one before the game.

This is how insane Dragon football is - tickets went on sale online Sunday night and by Tuesday it was sold out.  Then they had standing room only tickets for sale - sold out in one day.  Even the visitors side was sold out by the night of the game. BTW-our stadium can hold 26,000 people.  That's almost the whole population of our entire town!

My friend Sarah saw that people were holding parking spots for tailgating so she went and saved us some spots too.  This was Wednesday afternoon - and the game wasn't until Friday! Insane.

We had BBQ for the adults and pizza for the kiddos!

Our group had about 9 families with tons of kids running around and having a great time! And 3 tableful of food.

These cuties played the whole time while we were at the game.

Love these two!

Even this guy had fun.  We didn't see Michael the whole night.  He ran off with his buddies and hung out at "The Pit" so I don't have any pictures of him.

So much fun.  And of course our Dragons won against a very hard team - Trinity.

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