Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Another year of summer has began and it's going to be a busy one.  The boys will be out of school in 3 days.  Seriously, where did the time go.  I am so looking forward to this summer but another school year is ending in a blink of an eye.  How am I old enough to have an 8th grader already?!

We didn't have any big plans for Memorial Day.  Michael had a soccer tournament so that kinda was our plan.

The kids had a 4-day weekend and we started it off with Mark's Pre-K Celebration on Thursday. It was sort of like a Pre-K graduation if there's such a thing. The kiddos performed a few songs and they were so darn cute.  I loved it!  Then their named got called out as they walked off the stage to watch a slideshow.  Ugh! Growing up too fast.  Thankfully, Mark has another year of Pre-K before he starts Kindergarten.

Walking on stage to take his place...

Waiting to watch the slideshow with his friends!

His teacher Mrs. Poole.

And Mrs. Miller. I love Mrs. Miller and so does Mark. She's the only one who can convince Mark to walk into the gym during drop off when he's clingy in the morning.

On Friday, we took them to see "Angry Birds." Mark loved it. I think the other liked it. Love my people!

Waiting for the movie to start...

He would not agree to be in a picture unless it was a selfie.

On Sunday, while M and Michael were at the soccer tournament, so me and the two younger boys met up with some friends at this hole in the wall restaurant on the dock of Lake Grapevine.  It was a the perfect day for lunch on the lake!

Mark got to feed the ducks.

On Memorial Day, Michael was at a friend's house most of the day. Mark swam the whole day and Matthew was upstairs most of the day.  All is good with the world!

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