Monday, May 02, 2016

Karate, Teacher Appreciation and the Movies

I signed up Mark for Karate and I'm not sure how he really feels about it. He seems to have so much fun when he's there, but getting him there takes a little bit of bribing.  He keeps telling me cancel it so I did, but we are paid up until July so I will continue to bribe him to go.  He has a couple of friends in the the class and if I'm being honest, his friends' mommies are my friends so I really enjoy catching up with them while we wait. I hope I can convince him to stay in it...

Look how cute he is wielding those nunchucks.

Showing us some moves within buddy.

May started out crazy busy.  I had signed up to help with the teacher's luncheon for one day, but ended up helping almost all week because the committee chair was short on help.  It was fun working with these ladies but it was exhausting. It was worth it though because the teacher's loved what we did and I'm glad we were able to show our appreciation for what they do for our kiddos.

This was our first luncheon of the week had a cookout theme.

Had to post this picture of this cutie bringing flowers to his teachers.

I wanted to see "The Jungle Book" so we took the boys.  Mark didn't want to see it because he saw the trailer and thought it was too scary for him so he decided he would rather stay at the play center. The movie was so good. And Mark was right.  There were parts that would have startled him.

Waiting for Daddy to get tickets. It was a bit of a forced family fun, but he enjoyed the movie.

He did not want his picture taken.

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