Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Because I'm fighting another round of writer's block, here are some pictures I took this weekend.  We didn't do much except to spend most of our time outside because the weather has been gorgeous.  We are taking advantage and hanging out on our patio as much as possible because I know this won't last much longer.  I'm hopeful that our summer will be mild, but I've been in Texas long enough to know better!

On Friday, Matthew's class had an award ceremony in his classroom.  He got an award for showing patience.  Not sure if they gave it to the right kid. He certainly has not shown a lot of patience at home. He also received the "Ultimate Dragon" award. Yippee!

I had planned on taking the boys to the zoo, but morning news weatherman said there's a chance of rain so I changed plans and decided to hang out at home in the morning.  Later in the afternoon, I took Michael and Matthew to a going away for one of Matthew's classmates who is moving to Chicago.  It was a swim party, of course.  And the weather turned out to be perfect for it.

Michael doing his dive at the pool party

We grilled up some beef kabobs and we had them outside.  Then I "made" strawberry shortcake for dessert.

These two were like peas and carrots this weekend.

Sunday was much of the same.  We ordered Babe's fried chicken and took it over to my in-laws and enjoyed it there.  It was relish! Biscuits and honey is so yummy.  Then we came home and M took Michael to soccer practice.

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