Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Are Back!

We got back from CA on Wednesday night, but our luggage did not show up until Thursday night.  Yes, the fine people at American Airlines somehow overlooked our luggage and forgot to put it on the plane that we were in. Oh, and our flights to and from were delayed.  I shouldn't be surprised.  The joys of air travel.

Thank goodness my boys are great travelers.  They were so good on both flights which made it so much more bearable.  Matthew and Mark slept most of the time on both flights and Michael kept himself busy by playing on the iPad and drawing pictures.

What we did in CA posts to follow.  It's been so busy since we've been back. Matthew's birthday party is this Saturday so today I dropped all the boys off at their G-parents and spent most of the day getting party supplies and food.  Then I had to take Michael to practice and stay for a parents' meeting to discuss the select soccer process and fees.  YIKES! It is expensive. But we had a discussion with Michael and he wants to play so we'll have to fork up some major cash.

Tomorrow is uniform fitting so I'll have to drop Matthew and Mark off at the G-parents again and drive Michael to get him fitted.  It would be so much easier is M were around to help out.  We have not seen him for almost 3 weeks! We're excited to see him again tomorrow night.

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