Monday, March 22, 2010


How can I not have a job and still feel like I'm having to run around like a crazy lady? Fortunately, I have been able to sneak in a workout almost everyday.  Unfortunately, I have not lost any weight.  However, I am determine to keep going.  It doesn't hurt, right?  If nothing else, my heart will be healthier from all the cardio I've been doing.

Matthew has officially been registered for Kindergarten.  Poor little guy had to have 4 booster shots, a finger prick for blood test, and another arm prick for the TB test.  All in ONE doctor.  I felt horrible for him.  He was a trooper and only whimpered that he was scared and that it hurt.  I think that was worse then him screaming and making a huge fuss.

My Michael is turning SEVEN this Friday.  How can time go by so fast?! Instead of having a party, he's agreed to invite a few of his school friends to see "How to Train a Dragon" this weekend. I'm thinking that this will to be less hectic and less complicated than planning a party.  He has also requested to eat out at an Hibachi grill, so we will be heading out to Kyoto Palace Friday evening to celebrate.  This year will be very low-key for him. I hope he doesn't feel like he's missing out on anything. As for birthday present, I have not been able to decide on what to get him.  He wants a Pokemon game (not sure what it's called) and some music CD called "32." I'll have to ask him again.  It changes everyday.

I signed both of them up for soccer.  Matthew is so excited about playing on a soccer team.  He keeps asking who his coach will be. I'm looking forward for them to being able to participate in organized activity again.  I hope they can make new friends through this.

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