Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Road to Hana

The day after we went on our bike excursion, M and I decided to drive around on the island along the Hana Highway or “The Road to Hana.” A-MAZE-ING. The road itself is pretty terrifying especially past Hana. It was full of tight turns hugging the edge STEEP cliffs. There was a long stretch where it was unpaved and so narrow that when we met oncoming traffic, we had to pull over into the bushes to let the cars pass. But the views and stops along the way made the drive worth it.

Our 1st stop along the Hana Hwy. was called Twin Falls where we huffed and puffed up a hill for about a mile. Then it was off to a couple more waterfalls and lookouts. The best stop was at Seven Sacred Pools.

When you see the place, you can understand how it got the name. Imagine a fountain with 7 levels of pools, with the higher pools flowing into the lower pools creating cascades at each level. Them at the lowest of the pool, the cascade flows into the big, wide ocean. It was, let’s say it together, amazing. We took a little dip and watched people cliff dive. We only lasted a little while because the water was cold.

The trip took us pretty much the whole day. With all the hiking and the walking, we were satisfyingly exhausted, which is better than unsatisfyingly exhausted, I guess. Well, it made me feel less guilty about all the food we ate at the very least.

Here we are in front of Twin Falls

The view from 1 of the lookouts we stopped at on the way to Hana

Another lookout picture
One of the pools at the Seven Sacred Pools

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