Sunday, March 27, 2016

Birthday and Hunting for Eggs

What a busy weekend!  We celebrated Michael's birthday this weekend. I cannot believe he is officially a teenager.  I love that boy so much and it's hard to believe that in three short years he will be driving.  Another year and a half and he will be in high school! WHAT??!!

We started off celebrating his birthday by surprising him with a birthday lunch on Thursday.  I went to grab him from school and he thought we were going to an appointment but took him to lunch with Daddy instead.  He picked Malai Kitchen. Yum.

Saturday was definitely a full day.  We started off bright and early with Mark's soccer game.  He did great. M said he scored at least 9 goals...

Michael wanted to go see Superman vs. Batman with a couple of friends for his birthday so I bought them tickets and gave him money for some snacks and off they went on their own.

While they were at the movies, I took Mark for our annual Easter Egg hunt in our old neighborhood.  He was so excited about the egg hunt and it was nice for me to see old neighbors and friends.

Fanny and I tried to get a picture of these two and these were what we ended up with.

Mark found some dandelions and couldn't resist making his wish. It's so cute - he closes his eyes really tight and whispers his wish.  Love him so much!

After the egg hunt, there were animals to pet.

Got a couple of pony rides.

And a picture with the Easter Bunny.

Matthew and M joined us after the movies. Michael said he was too old for this stuff...

Then we got cleaned up and went to dinner for Michael's birthday.  He chose Tepanyaki again.

Before we left for the restaurant, he wanted me to take pictures of him. He pulled out this pose and my heart melted.

Happy birthday to my first born.  We love you lots!

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